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The Best Sex Positions For Couples With a Serious Height Difference


Sex Positions For Couples With a Serious Height Difference

Just like in sports, and even in certain careers, a person’s height can make a real difference in how people perform in – bed! According to sex experts, extreme height differences can throw a wrench into sexual relationships. For example, a 6’7” guy attempts a simple missionary position, only to find his lady looking not into his eyes, but at his chest hair! Here’s a look at the best sex positions for couples with a serious height difference.


If you’re 6’5” and your favourite Redhot Escorts Brisbane is just 5 feet and 7 inches, how do you make things less troublesome, and more relaxing in bed? While you can’t do anything to change your size, you can definitely solve the problems with height differences, by trying out the Snake!


To do this, lie over her and thrust from behind while she lies on her stomach, maybe with a pillow under her pelvis to improve the angle of penetration. This position allows her to play with her clitoris for maximum orgasm opportunities.

The Close Up

In the Close Up position, your lady straddles you while you’re seated with your feet tucked up beneath you. This position is a winner especially if you are well-endowed, as it puts you and your partner on roughly the same level, so you can make out, gaze lovingly upon each other’s faces and get real chummy!


Table Top

The good thing with this position is that you don’t exactly have to do it on a table, as you can do this pretty much in any surface. Enter her while she is sitting or lying at the edge of the table, counter or bed.


The Table Top works wonders for couples with major height differences as it puts you both on the same level, and allows for face-to-face action which you otherwise might be missing. So, if you and your preferred Redhot Escorts Brisbane have some major height differences to consider, perhaps you could try any of these amazing sex positions!


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