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Sex Tips: Rear-Entry Positions That Can Reach Multiple Orgasms

Whether you love entering the anal or vaginal canal, sex from behind can be the best form of sex you’ll ever get to try. On the contrary to the most popular opinion, women also enjoy this kind of position just as men do. But what does a ‘rear-entry position’ mean? It’s when a woman is on all fours and you would be kneeling behind her, holding her hips as you penetrate her.

doggy style

Listed here will add a little enjoyment to the rear-entry position. If you are not yet aware, even as simple as angling your penis or moving her leg slightly can be a roller coaster ride of multiple orgasms.

The tight grip

If your partner has great balancing abilities, then you are in for the biggest treat! It all starts by positioning her on her hand and knees as you place your hands on her waist. The objective here is to lift her legs up, placing her feet in the air. This may be difficult at first, but the sensation it gives are enough to keep you going – or coming.

The leg spread

As she is lying on her stomachs with her legs closed and straight, straddle on top of her. Ensure that your legs are stretched out and your arms should be straight giving you the strength to hold up. When you are already in that stance, make your way in. Keep in mind that this will work best with a deep and slow penetration.

The chair bend over

Let your girl bend over a chair and have her lean on it using her elbows. As you enter from behind, use your left hand to lift her left leg and place it on your hip. This kind of position will definitely take both of you in cloud nine!

Stand and bang

For this posture, both of you should be on your feet but have her lean against a table or a wall. You can use your hands to hold her waist or play with her clitoris. Facing a mirror will even add more appeal to the position. She will be able to look at you as you are doing your moves. You could also see her face when she reaches climax. Definitely a great sight to see!

If you want to experiment this with a woman who has all the experience when it comes to sex, then it would be best to call one of the Red Hot Escorts Brisbane. With her flexible moves, it is a guarantee that whatever position you ask for will be granted.


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