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Sex Tips and Confessions: 5 Shocking Truths About Infidelity

One minute you are happy and contented then you can be overly frustrated on the next. You get married and then the next thing you know the both of you are filing a divorce. Infidelity has long been the reason for permanent separation and here are some facts that will surprise you one way or another.


  • Men find it excruciatingly inexcusable for their partner to cheat sexually.

If women find it inexcusable for their man to emotionally cheat, men experience the opposite. They find it existentially unforgivable when their partner has sex with another person. It’s all in the issue of manhood and territorial marking. What’s theirs should always remain theirs and no one else’s.


  • Passionate kissingPassionate kissing is considered a mortal sin.

You may not have gone down through the process of penetration but that doesn’t render your passionate act of lip – locking innocent. Kissing has always been the gateway to sex and when you’re caught up in it with someone who is not your lover, you can be damn sure that some hoo haa is not far behind.


  • Sending flirty textsSending flirty texts is the new form of virtual cheating.

In the same way that kissing is considered the first base of cheating, taking your time to a message that bears double meaning is also considered red light in the rules of commitment. Anything that basically requires you to give extra effort in having to please somebody with the inclination of expressing your attraction is considered cheating.


  • The workplace is the best place to express disloyalty.

One does not simply deny the workplace attraction. Surely, people who are in the same stressful environment are likely to share their lewd experiences elsewhere. It comes off as a psychological form of recuperation. People with shared problems tend to end up alleviating them in the most lustful way they can muster.


  • Indulgence in afternoon delights.

The most illicit affairs take place during the afternoon. A babe from Red Hot Escorts Brisbane admitted that her clients who live a double life tend to request for some afternoon lustful tryst. It’s because it is within the work hours and happens in-expectantly. True enough, a little physical indulgence won’t hurt anybody…


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