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Redhot Escorts Brisbane – Two Creative Ways to Use Lube

Ways to Use Lube

When it comes to talking about sex and lubricants, most men often tend to just use lube with their partners to prep for penetration.  However, a leading sex expert named Emily Morse, who hosts the popular podcast Sex with Emily, says that it’s a mistake that could actually prevent couples from having even hotter sex! Here’s a look at two creative ways to use lube, and make your bedroom trysts much hotter.


Massage Your Lady’s Nipples

If you’d like to creatively use lube tonight with your hookup buddy, or with your preferred

Redhot Escorts Brisbane, here’s the first thing that you should do. Lay her on her back and squirt a dollop of lube in your hands. Massage it onto her breasts, focusing specifically on her nipples.


Perhaps her nipples were never a spot that you’d oiled up before; however, the sensations from the lube in a new area will help amplify the entire foreplay experience for her. In addition, playing with her nipples activates the same parts of her brain as clitoral stimulation, according to a recent post in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.


Be a Human Slip ‘N Slide

I guess you remember how the Slip ‘N Slide provided hours of outdoor fun when you were a child. However, this erotic version isn’t designed for your backyard, but for your bedroom instead!


Put a towel down on your bed and take turns applying lube to each other’s bodies. Lie on your back and have her slide up and down on top of you, facing you in a riding position. And though you and your partner may feel a little bit strange with doing this at the onset, sex experts say that it will feel amazing for both of you.


The wetness will also make it easier for your girlfriend, or even your preferred Redhot Escorts Brisbane, to move around and rub herself in all the right ways, and thus stoking serious anticipation for the main event!


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