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Redhot Escorts Brisbane – Two Creative Ways to Use Lube

When it comes to talking about sex and lubricants, most men often tend to just use lube with their partners to prep for penetration.  However, a leading sex expert named Emily Morse, who hosts the popular podcast Sex with Emily, says that it’s a mistake that could actually prevent couples from having even hotter sex! more »

The Best Sex Positions For Couples With a Serious Height Difference

  Just like in sports, and even in certain careers, a person’s height can make a real difference in how people perform in – bed! According to sex experts, extreme height differences can throw a wrench into sexual relationships. For example, a 6’7” guy attempts a simple missionary position, only to find his lady looking more »

Red Hot Escorts Brisbane Stories: The Double Penetration

                  It was a porn film dream come true. I couldn’t believe it myself. There was talk of it over the phone, but I didn’t think we could really do it. Even as a red hot escorts Brisbane, I had not expected that outcome. They were 2 more »

3 Standing Sex Positions to Make You Weak in the Knees

Sex is rarely confined to the mattress, let alone to the bedroom. When you’re out of town and simply can’t wait for home, for instance, you turn to standing­up sex. You could be with a long- term partner or one of the red hot escorts Brisbane you found online. Either way, the urgency and lust you more »

Sex Tips and Confessions: 5 Shocking Truths About Infidelity

One minute you are happy and contented then you can be overly frustrated on the next. You get married and then the next thing you know the both of you are filing a divorce. Infidelity has long been the reason for permanent separation and here are some facts that will surprise you one way or more »

Sex Tips: Rear-Entry Positions That Can Reach Multiple Orgasms

Whether you love entering the anal or vaginal canal, sex from behind can be the best form of sex you’ll ever get to try. On the contrary to the most popular opinion, women also enjoy this kind of position just as men do. But what does a ‘rear-entry position’ mean? It’s when a woman is more »

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