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Red Hot Escorts Brisbane Stories: The Double Penetration

serena : May 11, 2015 7:08 am : Blog











It was a porn film dream come true.

I couldn’t believe it myself. There was talk of it over the phone, but I didn’t think we could really do it. Even as a red hot escorts Brisbane, I had not expected that outcome.

They were 2 guys. I did not know what their deal was. But I think they were those type which likes to share a girl, like frat boys. I didn’t really care. I had been with two guys before, but that was different. They were bisexual, and wanted some safe fun. I enjoyed those first two guys, because they were both hot, and gave me the show of my life. One fucked the other while the one fucked brought me to my orgasm through playing with my clit.

But this time, it seemed like this was two straight guys who have a kink of fucking the same girl.

I was fucking the first one, bouncing on his thick dick while sucking the other, when the second one withdrew and started putting KY on my ass. more »

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3 Standing Sex Positions to Make You Weak in the Knees

serena : January 15, 2015 1:48 am : Blog
Sex is rarely confined to the mattress, let alone to the bedroom. When you’re out of town and simply can’t wait for home, for instance, you turn to standing­up sex. You could be with a long- term partner or one of the red hot escorts Brisbane you found online. Either way, the urgency and lust you more »
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Sex Tips and Confessions: 5 Shocking Truths About Infidelity

serena : July 15, 2014 4:53 am : Blog

One minute you are happy and contented then you can be overly frustrated on the next. You get married and then the next thing you know the both of you are filing a divorce. Infidelity has long been the reason for permanent separation and here are some facts that will surprise you one way or another.


  • Men find it excruciatingly inexcusable for their partner to cheat sexually.

If women find it inexcusable for their man to emotionally cheat, men experience the opposite. They find it existentially unforgivable when their partner has sex with another person. It’s all in the issue of manhood and territorial marking. What’s theirs should always remain theirs and no one else’s. more »

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Sex Tips: Rear-Entry Positions That Can Reach Multiple Orgasms

serena : December 5, 2013 9:41 am : Blog

Whether you love entering the anal or vaginal canal, sex from behind can be the best form of sex you’ll ever get to try. On the contrary to the most popular opinion, women also enjoy this kind of position just as men do. But what does a ‘rear-entry position’ mean? It’s when a woman is on all fours and you would be kneeling behind her, holding her hips as you penetrate her.

doggy style

Listed here will add a little enjoyment to the rear-entry position. If you are not yet aware, even as simple as angling your penis or moving her leg slightly can be a roller coaster ride of multiple orgasms. more »

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