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3 Standing Sex Positions to Make You Weak in the Knees

Standing Sex Position


Sex is rarely confined to the mattress, let alone to the bedroom. When you’re out of town and simply can’t wait for home, for instance, you turn to standing­up sex. You could be with a long- term partner or one of the red hot escorts Brisbane you found online. Either way, the urgency and lust you get from this kind of sex can be effective turn­-ons themselves.

So whether you want to learn a few tricks for getting it on in public, or to add something new to your sex life, here are a few standing­ up sex positions you’ll want to try at least once.

1. The Plough. You’ll be doing most of the standing, but it’s still a good intro to the world of standing sex. Have your woman lie on any flat, hard surface that’s around waist height and then wrapping her legs around you.

This way, you have the bonus of being able to take in her curves – not to mention caress them.

2. Get Frisky. This position is known by this name because she’ll need to stand and face a wall with her legs spread and hands bracing herself against said wall. So you’re the policeman about to frisk her – but in a more pleasurable way.

Combining both standing and rear­entry, this position can get extremely hot, because of her rubbing her butt up against your thigh. Pull her closer for something a bit more intimate, or reach around to fondle her down there for added stimulus.

3. Climb the Tree. She’ll need to wrap her arms around your neck for support while she swings her legs up on either side of your torso. You can ease into the position by lifting just one of her thighs, entering her at the same time. She can then swing the other one up.

This position generally requires more stamina and strength than most others, but the erotic nature and pleasure from this pose makes it all worth the effort. Just be sure that you’re strong enough, or else have something nearby to help prop her up.

There are risks to these positions, like breaking your boner because of too­enthusiastic thrusting, so be sure to keep movements under control. Otherwise, feel free to experiment, especially if you engage one of the red hot escorts Brisbane who are more than open to trying new things.

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